Nanaimo Systems Planning Organization

The Nanaimo Systems Planning Organization (SPO) is a society that aims to provide research, data, analysis, education, and information related to the community’s homelessness response in Nanaimo, Canada. It coordinates action and advocacy among non-profit organizations, Snuneymuxw First Nation, other levels of government, the business sector, and the broader community. 

The SPO’s purpose is to develop proposals for new initiatives and research, with the goal of addressing social problems and improving the community’s response to homelessness. It also serves as a spokesperson for the Society at various events inside and outside of Nanaimo. The Executive Director provides reports and updates to the Board of Directors on finances, progress on objectives, and other matters.

Overall, the Nanaimo Systems Planning Organization plays a crucial role in coordinating efforts and bringing together various stakeholders to address homelessness and social issues in the community.

To provide research, data analysis, education, and information related to the community’s collective homelessness prevention and response priorities to enable coordinated action and advocacy by Nanaimo’s non-profit organizations, Snuneymuxw First Nation and other levels of government, the business sector and the broader community to address an end to homelessness in Nanaimo.

That all people, regardless of their background, situation, or past experiences, can access a full spectrum of health and housing services. This means that responses are coordinated and resources are aligned to ensure homelessness is prevented whenever possible; and if homelessness occurs, it is a rare, brief, and nonrecurring experience.

The SPO recognizes the collective value of multiple sectors and organizations working together with a common goal to build strong relationships, develop a well-resourced and high-functioning sector and to address homelessness by fulfilling the following mandate:

Convene transparent leadership in support of the entire community.

Coordinate a systems approach to homelessness planning that connects the sectors together through information and analysis about funding and resources, client service needs, and shared accountability measures to advance strategic outcomes.

Identify, communicate and coordinate approaches to deal with system gaps, priorities and opportunities.